3 steps to moving on the property ladder in 2019

With home owners moving home almost 3 times less now than in 1988 (according to a Zoopla survey, people spend 23 years in a property before they move as opposed to 8.63 years back in 1988), you might be forgiven if you don’t exactly remember the exact ins and outs of property sales. While it might seem like a daunting process, it can actually be straightforward, especially when you have a local estate agent like ourselves on your side.

Whether you are moving up or down the property ladder, these are the three steps you need to consider.

Make Caledonia Property your first port of call.

Our local property agents will help you get an idea of the current value of your home and of any local property trends you need to be aware of. We offer free, no obligation valuations so take advantage of our service! That will give you an idea of your starting point in building a budget for your next home.

Preparation is key ahead of listing your property on the market. Homes have been selling more quickly in Scotland than in any other part of the UK in 2018 (source),so you need to be aware of the fact that in general properties in good condition get lots of attention from buyers and sell quickly.

Not only will we make sure your home sells for the best possible price but we can negotiate the date of entry on your behalf as part of our service so you will be able to line up your moving out date with your moving in and avoid unnecessary stress.

If and when ready, instruct us to sell your property and we’ll endeavour to find the right buyer and achieve the best possible price on your behalf.

We can be as involved as you need us to be, from taking photos, creating floorplans and brochures, managing the listing on property portals to organizing viewings and taking care of negotiations. Selling your home can be a taxing and emotional moment, so having our experienced team on your side to guide you will give you further peace of mind.

In the mean time, speak to a mortgage advisor and figure out your mortgage options and exact budget.

Because of the current increased competition amongst buyers, it is very important that you are ready to make a quick offer when you search for your next home – otherwise you risk losing out to other buyers who are more prepared. A mortgage agreement in principle will give you an extra edge in securing the home of your dreams. Interest rates are projected to stay low throughout 2019 (source), which will make the perfect conditions for an affordable mortgage.

Of course, if you are looking at downsizing, you might be in the enviable position of paying for your next home in cash, which will make the process less complicated in terms of financing.

By this point you will have a clear idea of the price your property will achieve on your property, your options for your next home as well as the costs associated with the move. Just remember, we don’t charge an upfront fee, but only get paid on the successful sale of your property.

We wish you best of luck in your next home search!

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