What buyers look for when viewing a property

Just like each property is unique, buyers are also unique and depending on their age, family size, and other priorities they will search for the property that specifically answers their quest for their own dream house.

But there are a few topics that we see coming up every time when having a conversation with wishful buyers. Even in the current market that favours sellers and where buyers generally compete for property as soon as it is listed, the five items below have an impact on the popularity and as an effect on the swiftness of the sale.

Fresh décor

It comes as no news that first and foremost, a home in good decorative order is bound to bring more interest, more viewers and improves the chances of a successful quick sale. That is why taking the time to declutter and tidy is really worth it – and with the emergence of Instagram ready décor, the competition is getting steeper every year.

If you have a small improvement budget, spend it on obvious repairs, lighting and window treatments as well as fresh décor accents so that your home looks as close to picture perfect as possible.

Curb appeal

Another obvious one that you might have heard a few times already, but the look of the garden and home exterior are the very first thing buyers see and make a powerful first impression. So where it’s under your control, improve the looks with fresh flower pots and a bit of garden work or a touch of paint. Always balance the cost of any repairs with the potential raise in the price of sale to make sure you spend your money where it really counts.

Energy performance

Generally improving on energy performance is quite budget draining as it involves installing double glazing, loft and wall insulation or replacing your boiler so you have to really balance cost and potential knock on effect on the property value. There is a more complete guide to improving energy efficiency here, should you want to further read on the subject.

Quality of Internet connection

More and more, people want to be connected. Nowadays, even more than a prominent location, people want the convenience of fast broadband internet to stream TV, shop and browse. So check the options on your street to make sure you can answer potential questions from buyers. More information on buyers behaviour in relation to internet quality here.

Storage options

No matter the size of your household, it seems we always run out of space to store our belongings. So make sure you highlight the existing storage space and showcase it, as buyers will be impressed by tidy cupboards or garages just waiting for them to bring their belongings.

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