A comprehensive guide to property transactions

So, you have decided to sell and/or buy property in 2020! We have written many pieces helping to guide local homeowners through the maze of decisions needed and decided to create this comprehensive checklist where you can find significant tips and tricks when tackling property transactions.

As the number 1 estate agents in West Dunbartonshire in 2019 – in terms of available stock, according to leading property portal Rightmove, and more than 20 years experience on the local market, we have plenty of experience when it comes to guiding you – so whatever the stage of your property journey, we have some valuable hints and tips. Read on to see what suits you and your needs!

Contemplating selling property but not sure about who to call first?

The answer to that one is quite simple, make sure you give your local Caledonia Property branch a call! But if you need more convincing that the best way to go is with an experienced local agent, read this blog post.

Ready to buy your first or next home, but not sure about financing?

This guide contributed to our blog by Conquer Mortgages will guide you through the decision of either talking to an independent mortgage advisor or going directly to your bank. Read here.

Ready to put property on the market?

Last September we wrote this guide to successful property sales guiding you through the steps you need to take to ensure your property is seen by the right people and attracts the attention of potential buyers. Read here.

Is your property ready to be listed?

This is a must read if you are ready to invite potential buyers into your home. With plenty of inside tips on what buyers are most likely looking for currently when house hunting. Read here.

Struggling with a property sale?

This brief guide will highlight what you might need to look at when it comes to making sure you hit all the right notes to attract that perfect buyer. Read here.

We are in a market that favours sellers, so what should a buyer know?

This is a guide to help buyers be in the best possible position when it comes to putting an offer on the right house to give you the best chance of hearing the great news that your offer got accepted! Read here.

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