Fees is not what it’s all about. How will we market your property?

In a highly competitive market in which the available stock is low and many estate agents are competing for that valuable instruction, it is easy to reduce everything to the level of fees and start a full out price war.

We are realistic and try to balance the level of fees with the quality of our service – and that is a very fine line because you can always slash prices but the time and availability of service will suffer and you can always outprice yourself out of a hugely competitive market.

At Caledonia, we are determined to offer a premium service and have been doing so on the local market for more than 30 years. So here is how we market a property once it has been listed with one of our branches to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.

  1. Great photography, floorplans and carefully written descriptions to appeal to the right audience. We will also provide video, should you like to have footage of your property. The right angles can make a big difference in that first wave of interest which is critical to the success of any property sale.
  2. Listing on a fully responsive, search engine friendly website. We have put a lot of work and investment in a fully functional, responsive website that will offer buyers and sellers a seamless experience. Property is easy to search, view and share.
  3. Working with all major property portals – for maximum audience reach. Our website is fully integrated with all the major property portals: Rightmove, Zoopla, Onthemarket.com, S1Homes, PrimeLocation, etc. So when your listing goes live on our website it gets immediately uploaded across the board. This ensures that buyers registered with the portals will get an update and anyone searching for property in the area will see your home as soon as it has gone live.
  4. Email outreach – at any given time we have a big number of buyers registered for updates with us. And since we are the number one estate agent in terms of available stock in both Dumbarton and Clydebank according to Rightmove, we get many enquiries and manage our valuable data carefully because it can have a huge impact on the outcome of a sale. So when your house goes live on our website, a number of potential buyers are automatically reached via email. We also do the legwork ourselves, reaching our personally to potential buyers to make sure they get the message across.
  5. Social media channels – we are carefully building an engaged, genuine community on our social channels. We list many of the properties available on our Facebook and Instagram feeds for the best possible exposure. If you follow us you can always share and engage with our posts, get to further see our team at work and take the pulse of the local property market.
  6. The old fashioned For Sale board, window cards and brochures – while we are fully adept in all the new digital channels, we are still aware many people will be attracted by the For Sale sign and like the feeling of a printed brochure with all the right information in it. So we provide great quality, visible signs and a print option for your brochure, should you want it.
  7. Last but not least… The deeply human nature of selling a home means there is something unquantifiable in the relationship with your agent – and is all about our team being there in full understanding of your process, offering support and being proactive in sorting out all the potential issues of a transaction before they actually arise. Anyone who’s been through the emotional time of buying or selling a home will understand what a difference a warm and sympathetic attitude makes. And that is all down to our experienced team – we are all working together trying our best and are proud to see this shows in every good news we deliver to clients.

As one of West of Scotland’s longest established estate agents, we’ve helped families across the country buy, rent, let and sell properties quickly, and with the minimum of hassle. Get in touch with our team on 0333 241 3333 today or send us a message to find out more.