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We have helped countless sellers in our 30 years of being active on the property market. Now you can harness our extensive experience and knowledge to your own advantage.

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From the traditional FOR SALE board to HD property video tours to bespoke social media campaigns, we offer comprehensive services that we can tailor to fit your circumstances and needs.

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Do you have a pressing question? We are only a phone call away. Our expert staff are available 6 days a week to offer you the advice and guidance you need when selling your home.

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An experienced negotiator to help you achieve the best possible deal and maximise the value of your property transaction can make a huge difference to the final transaction price.

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With our extensive experience, we have a  wide variety of professionals we can recommend. Find further information on Solicitors and Mortgage Advisors.

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Your home will get the attention and care it deserves as probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make for the Caledonia Property team. Get in touch today to find out more!

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Insight into current property buyer and seller behaviour


The new year has barely started but our team has already been very busy organizing Closing Dates and sales on behalf of our clients. The influx of buyers taking advantage of the affordable mortgage rates in 2018 keeps coming into early 2019 with many active vetted buyers competing for the limited stock available. So where … Continue reading Insight into current property buyer and seller behaviour

3 steps to moving on the property ladder in 2019

Untitled design

With home owners moving home almost 3 times less now than in 1988 (according to a Zoopla survey, people spend 23 years in a property before they move as opposed to 8.63 years back in 1988), you might be forgiven if you don’t exactly remember the exact ins and outs of property sales. While it … Continue reading 3 steps to moving on the property ladder in 2019

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